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Take away the pink sleeper and this could be Berthold Philippe.The Cabbage Patch Kids doll-craze was an unprecedented phenomenon among children and their parents that swept America during the 1980s, reflecting, perhaps, the cultural leanings of an era intent on expressing family values.

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Yet in the 80s they inspired grown men and women to fight like depraved animals - they started full-fledged riots - and had store employees defending themselves with whatever was handy.

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The phenomenon began in 1983, when designer Xavier Roberts introduced the world to Cabbage Patch Kids.According to the Cabbage Patch Kids website, they became the best selling new doll ever to be introduced to the toy market.Inspired by the sweet and adorable animals running around on the farm, these soft and cuddly Cuties love to.

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The Cabbage Patch dolls were one of the biggest hit of toys for children in 1980.

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The brand new Cabbage Patch Kids and Adoptimals pets are ready to find their forever homes.

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Many people liked these babies, though they were unattractive they were cute, because they were very huggable due to their size and because the acceptance feature of the dolls was very pleasing.Today, Cabbage Patch Kids Preemies (and accessories) are easily available on sites like eBay and Etsy.He began to produce the dolls through his Babyland General Hospital in Cleveland, Georgia in 1979.But it would be an appearance on the popular reality show, Real People, in 1980 that would cause the dolls popularity to truly gain momentum.

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It is called a transitional period and you may find foreign kids in Coleco boxes and vise-versa.You may even find kids with mismatched factory heads and bodies.This Cabbage Patch Kids Baby features red hair, blue eyes, and a a red pacifier.But you know who basically invented the whole toy madness thing.Nothing offers a sense of nostalgia like Cabbage Patch baby dolls from your childhood, which were one of the most popular toys to hit market in the 1980s.Chip Gaines received Cabbage Patch Kids dolls that look just like the Fixer Upper star and his wife Joanna.The other day I found myself reminiscing with some friends about the phenomenon.

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Even with the help of veteran toy maker, Coleco, who partnered with Roberts in 1982 to boost production, it quickly became clear that demands were far outweighing the supply.If you wanted to get your child an old school Cabbage Patch doll like you used to have, go for it.When the demand for CPK dropped, the foreign factories ceased production and all of the leftover dolls or spare parts were sent to Coleco.

Related: cabbage patch kids cabbage patch doll vintage cabbage patch dolls original cabbage patch dolls cabbage patch dolls clothes cabbage patch baby tiny tears Refine more Format.Xavier Roberts was a ten-year-old boy who discovered the Cabbage Patch Kids by following a BunnyBee behind a waterfall into a magical Cabbage Patch, where he found the Cabbage Patch babies being born.

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The Cabbage Patch Kids fad was one of the biggest toy crazes ever to sweep the U.S. These adorable dolls were irresistible to children when they first hit the market and remain a classic American toy to this day.Includes: 1 x Cabbage Patch Kids 35cm Doll, adorable fashion and cute accessories.The Hollywood Reporter has revealed the Oscar-nominated actress is set to executive produce and star in The Dolls, a limited series for HBO about the 1983 Cabbage Patch Kids doll riots that.

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